Monday, January 27, 2014


Hi, today I wanted to share a little table revamp that  I worked on this weekend. All I did was spray paint it. I found it a my local Goodwill and its just what I wanted for the space. I had been looking for a table that wouldn't take up to much space visually. One that wouldn't  look heavy in the room. I like to keep my home uncluttered and roomy. I think the black made it look to strong in the room, and the white made it look more visualy light in my opinion. As you can tell the fact that it has simple lines also makes it look more spaces like its not even their. I was also thinking of painting it gold but I think I'll just use gold accessories like that pillow from Target. Now, I have a place for my guests to sit their cups when they come over. Here's how it all happened.
Hola hoy queria compartir un proyecto que complete este fin de semana. Solamente le di una pintada con aerosol blanco. La mesa la encontre en mi Goodwill local y era lo que necesitaba en mi espacio. Estaba buscando una mesita que no tomara mucho espacio visual y esta estaba perfecta. Me gusta que mi casa se sienta libre sin tanto revoltijo y esta no toma mucho espacio visual. Tambien pienso que el color negro era muy pesado en este espacio y el blanco es mas visualmente liviano. Las linias tamien la asen mirar mas moderna. Tambien pense en pintarla dorada pero major usare accesories dorados. Como la almohada que compre en Target.
Gave it a good wash
Una lavada

I used a primer because its what I had it worked for me.
Use la pintura base porque es lo que tenia a mano y trabajo bien para mi.

I'm not an expert but I hope this helps explain a little about an object looking heavy or visually strong in a room. This is just my opinion and its what helps me. hope it can help someone else.
Espero que esto sea de ayuda para algien cuando estes buscando algo espesifico. Si no quieres que tome mucho espacio visual busca algo con linias simples sin mucho adorno. Espero te ayude.



  1. Omg I love this it looks amazing!

  2. Thank you. Again its amazing what spray paint can do to something.