Sunday, January 12, 2014

Green plants explained

Ok, so im totally knew to this. Even posting a picture took me a day. I'm getting it down but man when I went to school we still used floppy disks,so it will take some time.

Plants can do so much to a room. They really do bring in a lot of life. Dont be intimidated get a small one and give it a try. Just dont over water them. Once every 2 Weeks is what I've heard works.


  1. You know I'm scared just because I'm so bad with plants but what do you recommend for a kitchen that's decorated with wine bottles and puctures I want something for my table since springs coming

  2. Don't be intimidated. Im not a plant expert either, but I started with succulents. Their hard to kill,although I killed a couple. I usually ask someone at the store. But they have always say over watering is usually what kills inside plants. Once every two Weeks is good. I would just go and buy one you like. You cant go wrong.remember keep your receipt.

    1. Ok thank you I think I'm going to check out lowes for some spring colorful plants