Monday, January 13, 2014

Muy bueno/ A little treat super simple

Hola chicas me levante con ganas de un smoothie. No sabia de que exactamente pero use lo que tenia. Fruta,leche y mi herbalife shake mix. Tenia tiempo con el y la verdad me via olvudado de el. Pero esto sabe super bueno y lo voy a tener que Acer de nuevo. Maybe, con otra fruta. Eso si es mas Como un helado que smoothie. Estoy pensando aserlo en el verano para mis babys.

Hey girls I woke up this morning wanting a smoothie. Wasnt sure what I wanted in it so I used what I had. Frozen fruit,milk, and my herbalife smoothie mix. Truth is I had forgot I had it and was not using it anymore, but I will diffidently be using it again. Oh yeah, it didnt really turn up as a smoothie but more like ice cream,or whatever it was good ok. Make it try it and let mw know how it tasted?


  1. What can I use if I don't have the herbal life or can I take it out alk together? Does the fruit have to be frozen to have the same consistency?

  2. You know what I need to try it and see, but yeah they do need to be frozen for that consistency.