Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Light fixture/Despositivo de luz

Hello, today I wanted to share a little change I did to my dining room. I changed out my lighting fixture. I had another one from Ikea, and I traded for this one that I had in my kids room I think its better fitting over here. I like the change. I think the other one was a little small for the table. This is how it looked before.

Hola hoy quiero compartir un pequeno cambio que ise en mi comedor. solamente cambie my despositivo de luz. Tenia una de Ikea. y lo cambie por uno que tenia en el cuarto de mis ninos pienso que se mira major aqui. El otro estaba un poco chico para la mesa. Asi empeso.
I moved somethings around shopped my house. I love when I don't  have to buy anything to get a different feel.
Movi unas cosas que tenia en mi casa sin tener que comprar nada para darme otro look.

As you can see I moved my triangled pot over here it gets more light. I would like to bring more colors into this room eventually.

Como pueden ver movi mi maseta para este cuarto. le da mucha mas luz aqui.

Added the palm tree as well because again this room gets so much light all day.
Tambien movi mi palma para este cuarto porque le da mucha luz todo el dia.


  1. Love it. It looks so different and you did it with thing around your house.

  2. It looks amazing I really like it I need your help Im going to decorate my house upstairs the living room and kitchen!

  3. What a difference a lamp makes, it looks amazing!
    BTW new follower:)

  4. Hi abigail, thanx for the support. I really like it too.