Monday, April 14, 2014


To the poeple that are still out their reading my blog. Thank you, im sorry i haven't posted anything in so long, but i honesty haven't worked on anything blog worthy. Plus my 1and 3 year old are keeping me busy. I honestly thought blogging wasnt going to take as much time from them, but it did so i have to stop for now. Im over on Instagram if you ladies wouldn't mind to follow. I post over their dayle. Its angie_truths_adobe so please follow so i can follow back.


  1. I understand. You are a great mom. Your family comes first and that's how it should be. It really takes time to put up a new post, answer comments then leave comments on your followers blogs. It's fun, but yes, it takes time. Unfortunately, I don't know the first thing about Instagram, but I'll keep an eye out for new posts if you do decide to blog again in the future. Until then...

  2. I've enjoyed following you on Instagram. Blogging can be so time consuming. Instagram is short and quick.

    1. hi Brandi
      Thanks for following over on instagram. It really is, plus now that i think about it all my progects are short and quick, so i guess it works for now.