Friday, March 21, 2014


Today I finally got some things done ,and I wanted to share my gallery wall. I've showed this gallery wall on the blog a couple of times ,but I just wanted  to share a little bit about how I collected and decided on this for now.

 Most of the things up here were diys. Which makes it more special because I was able to display some family art. The bun print was purchased at Etsy. Elizabeth Mayville shop, its a great print and one of my favorites. Then we have the striped and polka dots coasters. My son did the colorful art one and I made the diamond shape on top.
 On this side I went with water and beach art. The big print was also purchased from Etsy. It was a really great deal actually. I got it for twenty dollars, and its a really great size.  The shop owner is Macy Carter photo. She has some other ocean shots available. the other two were thrift finds.

The mirrors were also thrift finds. I purchased them before I even had an idea of were they were going to go. I first started with the middle mirror and then decided on the rest of the art. I'm happy with what I have right now, but since most of them were diys I think ill eventually change it up in the future .

I had to share more flowers from my back yard this year I'm really being blessed with flowers. This beauties are a wonderful color.
So have you jumped in to the gallery wall bandwagon? Are you still stuck with what you want to display? I say go for it! one last thing on your décor list. Please comment I love to hear from you.


  1. Just the other day, my daughter and I were talking about gallery walls and I love what you did with yours. It's pretty cool that you included a picture that your son drew as well. I'll bet he loves that.

  2. Hi Dee D,
    Thank you, yeah it took me a while to decide what i wanted up their, but it helped that i just started hanging.Thanx for stopping by.

  3. Beautiful! What a great collection! Thanks for stopping by my blog today. Glad to have found you too!