Saturday, February 1, 2014



Hello, today I wanted to share the cookie cake that I like to make my husband on valentines. This year he'll get two. This is what you'll need.
Hola hoy queria compartir la galleta de chocolate que le ago a mi esposo para el dia de San Valentine este ano le are dos. Esto es lo que necesitas.
1) wax paper               1)papel de cera
2) cookie dough          2)masa para galleta
3) frosting                   3)glaseado
4)heart pan                  4)charola de corazon
5) teal food coloring, red food coloring    5)colorante Azul verde, colorante rojo
I bought the food coloring at Micheals and the pan Ive had for about 9 years. its been with me for a long time I might just pass it on to my kids. ok maybe not.
Compre el colorante en Micheals y el Corazon lo tengo lla mas de 9 anos tiene mucho tiempo conmigo. Estoy pensando en heredarlo a uno de mis chiquitos. Ok mejor no.

Make sure you add the wax paper or it will get stuck to the pan. I just added the cookie in the pan followed the directions  on the package and put it in the oven. Then just added the teal frosting and the pink I added with a plastic baggy I had because I didn't have the proper one but it worked great for me. that's it pretty simple.
Asegurate que uses el papel de sera . Agrege la galleta como estaban indicadas en el paquete y lo puse en el horno. Luego agrege el color Azul verde y el rojo agrege con una bolsita del mercado porque no tenia la indicada pero trabajo muy bien. Super simple.

He had to share.
Compartio con nosotros.
Let me know if your doing something special.


  1. Thanks for the idea I need to get Alfonso something but in broke right now

    1. No problem, I'm glad I helped I mean whats easier then cookie dough and frosting.

  2. Necesito encontrar uno de esos moldes en forma de corazon. La idea me encanto!
    Un saludo, Elba de

  3. Hola Elba, Los puedes encontrar en Amazon oh en micheals. Gracias por comentar.