Wednesday, February 5, 2014

kilim inspiration/ inspirasion kilim

kilim inspiration

kilim inspiration by angietruthsadobe featuring distressed home décor

I'm loving this kilim trend. I thought I would bring some into my home the cheap way. With a little d.i.y since I cant afford the $500 to $700 rugs out there. I thought about that extra pot I had left over from my past spray painting project. This is how it all began.

Me gusta mucho la tendencia de kilim que visto en pinterest. Estuve pensando en como traer algo de este tendencia a mi hogar sin tener que gastar $500 a $700 por una carpeta. Pense en la maseta que me sobro y esta es la transformasion.

I just drew it on with a pencil just to give me an  idea if I could even pull it off. Yes, it looks pretty bad I know.

Solamente lo dibuje con un lapis para darme una idea si podria hacerlo.

 I used some Martha stewart gold, red and other paints that I already had I bought from Walmart. The colors are pretty vibrant. I didn't go all the way around and I just colored one side I like it better this way.
Use unas pinturas que compre en Walmart y el dorado de Martha stewart tambien. los colores son muy brillantes. Nadamas lo  pinte en un lado me gusto mas asi.

This is the finished result. Its definitely caches your eye .
Y esto es el resultado final. Los colores son muy brillantes y toma mucha atension.

I added a plant to it and that's it.
Le puse una planta y lla.

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